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About This Blog

Yangwei Liu

I am a Ph.D graduate from Department of Chemistry at Georgetown University. I am experienced with various nanomaterials including polymer nanofibrous films, metal nanoparticles and nanoclusters, titanium oxide implant materials, and surfactant micelles. My research experience gave me an inter-disciplinary background in biomedical engineering, materials science and analytical chemistry. The applications of my study include fuel cell catalysts, sensors, and biomedical materials. I have solid background and much experience with programming and data analysis using C++, MATLAB, R, and SQL. I am enthusiastic about combining my expertise in materials science and data analysis to solve practical problems.

About This Blog
This is a blog for introducing non-confidential content of my work, publications, professional activities I attended, insights into related fields, recaps from conferences, methods in data analysis, and comments on scientific and technological developments.


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