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How a Damaged Smart Phone Increased My Efficiency

January 27, 2015

Time chart

Several months ago, my cell phone got a water incident and was seriously damaged. After that, the phone frequently jumped out of apps and went back to the home screen. The only function that was relatively less affected was making calls.

I used to be a heavy user of apps and spent quite some time everyday using my phone writing emails, checking Facebook, looking through tweets, watching news, reading blog posts, update apps and so on. It had become a part of my life. Now that it turned into a “traditional phone”, and I did not plan to buy a replaced one before the release of a new version, so I decided to live with it and see how my daily life would change.

It was difficult at the beginning. Every time I took out my phone when I was walking, dining, taking breaks from work, feeling bored, before sleeping, and after waking up, all I could do is to (uncomfortably) put it back again. A week later, I was kind of getting used to it. Checking emails and social media and things alike seemed to be not so urgent as before – and they are actually not. There were no more interrupting emails, chat messages, or alerts during work. I had a feeling of being freed from a prison made of an unnecessary routine. And I had more time and peace of mind to focus on what is important.

Now, although I have bought a new smart phone already, I am more cautious than ever about the frequency that I use and the time spent on it. In order to better control my time, I set a 15-min restriction per day for each social media, and a limit of email checking for no more than once every hour. The key supporting idea is that, there are no such things that are so urgent for me to check my phone every so often. Otherwise, they would come to me through more direct ways such as a call or face-to-face talk.Time chart words

The following is a comparison of the time I spent before and after the change. Note that there is a total of amazing 2-hour difference in one day.


Bottom line: I am not neglecting the convenience that smart phones have brought to us. However, when properly used and well controlled, they can make our life much better.

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